Cosmetic Richardson Dentistry – The Future is Here!

Cosmetic Enhancement Trends in Richardson Dentistry

From tried-and-tested whitening to the more experimental 3D printing, where it relates to aesthetic dentistry and the latest advancements, there is a great deal to smile about

Teeth Whitening

Both men and women merit smiles and dentition as the second most important appealing feature, with personality in the top slot.

So, what does aesthetic dentistry have to offer in dental care for the discerning dental patient both now and potentially in the not-too-distant future?

Tooth whitening has become one of the most sought-after treatments in Richardson dentistry, as the approved bleaching process is relatively affordable and very effective.

While some dentists will advocate more futuristic-looking “power” bleaching in the dental office, where a light is shone to stimulate the active ingredient, others will consider home-whitening the best bet; it all depends on individual circumstances.

The key to a successful result is to consult with a fully qualified dental professional.

For many the concept of orthodontic treatment evokes memories of years of discomfort and unattractive hardware stuck on to the teeth.

Today’s advancements and availability of sedation dentistry, however, enables that perception to be relegated to the dim and distant past, with short-term straightening claiming a well-earned place among the growing uptake of life-enhancing treatments.


Suitable for adults who require relatively minor tooth movement, aesthetic results can be accomplished in about six months employing a series of almost imperceptible removable aligners, so not only will the majority of people not notice, but also there will be no restrictions on the wearer’s ability to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy throughout the process.

It’s clear that they have been the go-to for many a celebrity looking to improve their smile in one easy step, and it is equally attainable to any one of us seeking to correct defects such as gaps, discoloration and crooked smiles without dental implants.

Veneers are individually handcrafted by Richardson dentistry technicians and placed on top of the existing dentition, creating a natural and enduring smile; if taken care of well, they can last a good ten to fifteen years.

What’s more, new building materials have allowed them to become thinner and thinner, so no preparation is called for and therefore the outer surface does not need to be trimmed back. There are, however, some restrictions and factors to consider beyond aesthetics, so they are not suitable for everyone.

The notion of lasers in dentistry might seem like it belongs in the next century, but they are already being used to excellent effect in enhancing cosmetic procedures.

For example, a patient going with veneers may well benefit both aesthetically and functionally if they have a low or uneven gum line. Reshaping can help attain a neater look and more proportionate.

Fabricating items layer upon layer, 3D printers enable replacement units to be created to an exacting, natural-looking standard.

A simple treatment for a certified cosmetic dentist or gum specialist to execute, soft tissue gum sculpting using a laser generally involves one visit of about an hour. Local anesthesia is usually administered to the area to be treated, and the laser is then used to trim, reshape and re-seal, as required.

Richardson Dentistry, Not Just About Your Reflection

In recent years there has been recognition, both from dentists and the public, that having unsightly teeth is not just a matter of vanity. If you don’t have confidence in your smile, it can affect your behavior, performance and self-assurance. Cosmetic dentistry has a wealth of techniques and materials which, applied correctly, can make a very positive impact on people.

There is no doubt that 21st-century advancements allow dental professionals to be more than the guardians of oral health. Whether patients are looking for a subtle change or a complete smile makeover, today’s equipment and techniques can help to achieve a healthy, visually appealing smile, when they place themselves in the hands of a qualified dental professional.



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