Top Reasons to Join the Richardson Chamber of Commerce

Top Reasons to Join the Richardson Chamber of Commerce

As a dentist in Richardson, Tx we find the Richardson Chamber of Commerce to be a WIDE RANGE of great information and value. Below are some of best reasons as to why we signed up.


The most profitable connections in business come from connections, and the Chamber provides the most opportunity to connect with important and connected people than any other source in Richardson. Being involved is the best way to connect with decision-makers.

A country wide research study found potential customers are 63% more likely to do business with a company they think is a registered member of the Chamber. More factors specific to the Richardson Chamber are below, or, if you want to continue the dialog, take 1 of the next steps.

The Chamber grants participants the perk of awareness and partnerhip. Studies show that individuals are more likely to do business with companies who have shown they support the neighborhood through Chamber membership and sponsorship. In the area of advertising, the Shop/Dine Richardson advertisements program and Fitness Exposition offers visibility with Richardson consumers.


Economic advancement is the cornerstone of what the Chamber of Commerce (COC) does for the town. The Chamber has personnel assigned to advertising and marketing Richardson to corporations looking to relocate their businesses, especially those firms who employ personnel with innovative skill sets. Why? Companies bring jobs, especially high-paying jobs, which give Richardson natives a higher standard of living. At the same time, productive businesses produce a powerful tax base that can be used in town for premium streets, recreation areas and resources for the kids’ schools.

The Chamber directly influenced Richardson emerging as the Telecom Corridor and bringing a plethora of technology companies to Richardson in the 70s, 80s and 90s. During the tech bust in the early 2000s, Chamber management focused on rejuvenation and on industry diversification in Richardson for the future, particularly in finance and insurance protection. A beaming example is the $1.5 billion mixed-use property at CityLine. Diversification means stability. The city and COC are planning ahead.

There’s a good reason the Richardson COC is certified in the top 1% of chambers of commerce in the country with a 5-star score by the US Chamber of Commerce– more than once.

The Richardson Chamber of Commerce has been powering business prosperity in Richardson for more than 70 yrs. Times have changed since they opened the doors, but the target continues to be the same: to serve as the cornerstone of economical and community progression in the city of Richardson.


Volunteering is also a fantastic way to enhance the worth of your COC membership. Serving on a committee or volunteering at a Chamber function gives you more possibilities for networking, gives your small business more presence in the community and permits you to mold programs to meet the demands of your company and the business district.

The volunteer initiatives of COC members both past and present have made the Richardson Chamber of Commerce one of the greatest and most enthusiastic chambers of commerce in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area.

When small business professionals supply their time and experience to lead the Chamber, it helps them to offer improved programs and more possibilities for you to evolve skillfully.

The Chamber has at least 15 committees and hosts more than 30 functions each year. Think about your options, determine how much time you can serve and let them know how you would like to get involved. Each committee has its own contact person. Like any great perk, you get out of your membership what you put into it. Plan now how you can volunteer.


The Richardson Chamber is generating results, so jump in the driver’s seat and get the best out of your member’s program. You might have missed out on these possibilities as a’ brand-new’ member, but please make sure to take advantage of them right away! By signing up with their e-mail directory to be notified of weekly functions or topics of interest for you.

Get log in access to the on-line data base. If we have your email address currently in their system, there is a ‘forgot your password’ if you don’t know your password. If you have any challenges with your listing or need to alter the primary contact, please call the COC at 972-792-2822 for guidance with the database.

Make sure to up-date your individual listing, so when people search for you, they can discover you. To adjust the profile for your whole business, you should be the primary contact for your business. Login to access the listing.

Sign up for New Member Orientation. This hr long lunch (accompanied by a snack from a trusted Chamber affiliate) will walk you through all the ways that you can most take advantage of the perks with the investment in the Chamber.

Schedule a ribbon cutting. This is a great way to announce a grand opening, highlight your company, announce yourself to the local business community and market yourself to your prospective customer base.

Advertising: a number of promotional opportunities are available for you to market your business to other Chamber members and Richardson customers.

If you have a job vacancy you would like to fill, a deal you would like to advertise, or a function you’d like to welcome Chamber members to, go to their online information page for more about how to make that happen.

If you would like to promote your Chamber membership status to others, you can download or post the Chamber logo/button on your materials.


  1. Business references from the RCC membership directory, web site and personnel.
  2. Premium advertising and sponsorship opportunities at RCC events and programs and in Chamber publications.
  3. Supports economic progression activities for Richardson and the Telecom Corridor ® area.
  4. Cost savings through Marketplace discounts and exclusive member rates.
  5. Access to info including business trends, relocation details and economic information.
  6. High-profile networking possibilities at the area’s best business celebrations. Chamber people are connected people.
  7. Employee training and business growth activities for entrepreneurs.
  8. Strengthening the community: the Chamber provides a symbolical voice for the business community on transportation, expansion and land use management, health care, schooling, and workforce development issues.
  9. Leadership opportunities on Chamber committees and the board of executives.
  10. A shared dedication to the area’s economic endurance and quality of life for employees and their families.



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