Why the High Cost of Dental Implants?

Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive?

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What makes dental implants cost so much? If you’ve ever lost a tooth, in some unfortunate event or had it extracted by a dental professional, you’ve checked out your options, to some extent. A popular solution often up for consideration are dental implants, whether replacing a single tooth or a whole mouthful.

It’s pretty widely accepted that dental implants are the optimal solution over the long term, but the cost can be prohibitive for some. It definitely makes one wonder, why? The process of replacing a tooth doesn’t seem like it should cost as much as $5000.

Here are some important facts to keep in mind when attempting to answer that question.

Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much?

That $5000? That would be for a single dental implant. Depending on what event brought you in to visit, the price falls between $2500 and $5000 to restore your smile. Some of the cost may be covered by insurance, if you have it, but it still may result in an unexpected blow to your budget.

What exactly are we paying for?

Of course, there’s the implant. The posts are titanium and screwed into your jawbone, simulating your tooth’s roots. Titanium is perfect for the job since it’s lightweight and very strong, so it will last a long time. You wouldn’t want to use a material that would potentially develop an issue requiring replacement. Strength and durability are key requirements for something intended to be used daily in your mouth for any number of years.

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Then there’s the porcelain crown installed on top of the post, resembling your lost tooth. They’re custom made to fit your particular teeth in both form and function, colored to seamlessly blend into your smile.

Like with any service, there’s cost associated with both materials and labor. In this case, your labor comes in the form of a surgical procedure. Even conducted in the dentist’s office setting, the training and experience of your caregiver (dentist) to correctly create and install a dental implant is extensive. There is a high degree of precision required to correctly install a dental implant.

The post is drilled into the jawbone and must not come in contact with any major nerves, a process carefully planned before the procedure begins. The final result must integrate correctly with the your existing dentition and jaw. Patients may sometimes overlook the magnitude of the achievement as dental implants become a more common procedure.

If improperly placed, your implant may not heal with your jaw or cause chronic pain. You might suffer headaches and other discomforts, or there’s even a possibility you could lose feeling in areas of your face.

Depending on your individual condition, additional procedures may also be required to successfully install dental implants, like bone grafts or tooth removal.

Health Risks for the Long Term

You might consider, as we’ve established the procedure can be costly, ignoring a missing tooth. Unfortunately that may cost much more over your lifetime.

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Your self esteem will certainly suffer, but be aware that ignoring the missing tooth may lead to more serious dental problems.

Your teeth will tend to shift over time, attempting to fill the gap your missing tooth has left. Eventually your bite will become misaligned and cause other issues with surrounding teeth.

Gum disease is also prevalent around missing teeth; extra care must be practiced on the teeth and gums surrounding the missing tooth. What started out as one implant can very quickly escalate to several.

Issues like acid reflux and malnutrition are also concerns when you’re missing teeth. Food must be chewed sufficiently to be digested properly or the body is unable to absorb the nutrients. All your teeth, no matter how seemingly insignificant, are needed to facilitate proper chewing.

You Get What You Pay For

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While we are all budget conscious, be very careful where you get your savings. You wouldn’t want to cut costs in a way that would adversely affect your future health. Surgery should only be conducted by licensed, trained, experienced professional dental experts. I can’t stress that enough. Keep in mind the long term expense and potential complications to your health with the untreated loss of even one tooth.

Delaying the procedure for financial reasons is counterproductive and should be rethought. Many dentists offer financing options and will provide special offers on occasion to make treatment more affordable, but you’ll never know unless you make inquiries.




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